Vitarka Therapeutics

Talking cells into a healthy life

Vitarka Therapeutics is a virtual biotech company determined to help combat late-stage cancers.

We focus on the development of combination therapies for activating the immune system and normalizing tumour vasculature. Our aim is to deliver maximum impact on cancer cells. 

What makes this start-up special

A shot at disruptive

cancer therapy

Vitarka Therapeutics aims to combine platform technology with two targets in PD-1 resistant tumours. 

First-in-class monotherapy would successfully address this major, unmet medical need. Combination therapy against both targets would be a true game-changer for late-stage patients with lung, colon, breast, and other cancers.

What sets us apart is our unique synthesis of assets: 

  • Combination of technology and targets gives us a broad patentability landscape for mono- and combination therapy
  • Experienced leadership team with proven excellence in big pharma drug development 
  • Strong strategic network alliance of collaborators, experts, partners, associates and counsellors
  • Disruptive application of validated platform technology
  • Large unmet need, first-to-market opportunity: PD-1 resistant tumours, currently untreated population

Cancer needs better treatment.

The Problem

Cancer still kills >8 million patients globally, 164,000 in UK per year, although therapies have moved from “one-size-fits-all” therapeutics to personalized treatment approach. Targeted therapies (anti-VEGF) and personalized mechanisms like anti-PD1, anti-PD-L1, anti-CTLA4 therapeutics do not always consider tumour-heterogeneity, mutational burden and target-expression. Therefore, they have barely made a dent in those numbers.

Their shortcomings: the group of eligible patients is very small, and only 10-15% of those who are eligible respond with progression-free or overall survival. Also, these therapies are often accompanied by high adverse events and high percentage of metastatic recurrence.

As existing treatments stretch over a long period of time, access-to-care is of essence. This often leaves behind most vulnerable patients with worst prognoses: those from diverse or poor socio-economic backgrounds, and those whose cancers advanced due to Covid-19.

In most deprived populations death rates are up +166% for lung cancer, +6% for breast cancer and +28% for colorectal cancer. Due to Covid-19, a UKRI-funded study reports an estimated increase in death toll of +5% for lung cancer, +8.5% for breast cancer and +16% for colorectal cancer.

We believe we can help.

Our Solution

We work on a game-changing approach to treat cancer: developing novel first-in-class therapeutics for late-stage cancers. And we found a way to significantly increase the number of eligible patients by addressing two novel targets.


Success against either one of the targets would be a breakthrough. Their combination with significantly lower adverse effects would be a true game-changer for a large, unserved population.

About Vitarka

Vitarka is the Sanskrit word for reasoning or debate.

Our therapeutics will interact with tumour cells, starting a biochemical communication.

This exchange activates an immune response and normalises the vasculature, effectively removing cancerous cells and cutting nutrient supply to inhibit spread.

Or you could say: we are “talking” cells into a healthier live.

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